Spike von Frumpenburger IV

Spike’s time gaming in the Greyhawk campaign was short-lived but it can never be forgotten. There was the time that Spike locked himself in the bathroom with all the restricted DM books. I held a vigil at the door and deducted Experience Points as a penalty with each passing minute – he only made it worse for himself!

Spike was a unique player to say the least (his tour of duty as a Runequest Games Master simply had to be experienced to be believed); and his characters were never any less unique.

The two most memorable included Hendel the dwarven fighter. Hendel began life as a violent dwarven warrior in every cliched sense of the word. But by the end of his career he had taken vows of celibacy and non-violence and retreated from civilization to live as a hermit in a halfling shire… he was depressed after the party elf (who hated every inch of Hendel) continually denied his somewhat ambitious marriage proposals!

And lest we forget: Gwydion von Frumpenburger IV of the Kingdom of Furyondy. A highborn cavalier straight from the pages of Unearthed Arcana, this noble chap would never willingly go on adventures for fear of getting hurt or dirty – much less killed.

Never an ally of any of Dale‘s PC’s I believe both of these characters met very grisly ends at the hands of either K-os Bloodsword or Destro the Barbarian.

Spike von Frumpenburger IV

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