First Age

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The First Age, The Dwarf’s Age
The Second Age, The Age of Legend
The Third Age, The Age of Humanity
The Fourth Age, The Age of Johydee
The End of Ages


A History of The First Age
By Aril Witherwind

The Dwarf’s Age

Once upon a when the Gods worked together in secrecy; hidden deep within the Caverns of the Everlasting Flame they forged shapes that pleased them. The Gods each brought their creations to the Trough of Life and bathed them and thus were born the first Dwarfs. The Gods gathered these first mortals together and revealed to them the secrets that had been imparted by the Maker, Moradin himself.

But to Durin Silvervein, the First of the Dwarfs, the Maker himself spoke. The Maker told Silvervein of the mithril pinnacle and gave him the wisdom to rule his people. The oldest myths and legends of the Dwarfs call this The Forge Time, when under the direction of First-King Silvervein the dwarfs first arrived on the surface of Oerth after a long and perilous subterranean journey.

Durin Silvervein, Moradinson, the First King, stood apart from his fellows. Strong, hardy and agile-minded, he was the paragon of the young dwarf race. The First-King was mighty in battle and quick to master the crafts that The Maker had taught.


The dwarfs made their home in the heart of the highest peak of the Crystalmist Mountains. They named their realm Durindan, the House of Durin Silvervein, and home to the First Clan.

Time passed, decades even, and First-King Silvervein grew restless. The honors he had earned no longer brought him pleasure. Every dwarf exults in his work, be it craft, art, trade or warfare (and in those days, the dwarfs had toil and strife aplenty) but the First-King had never taken any pleasure in battle. And now, he discovered that the creation of mundane objects no longer lightened his heart either; instead, the First-King turned his ambitions toward grander things.

So fervent was Silvervein’s desire to create, and so great were his skills, that The Maker himself took an interest in the First-King’s labors, posing as a wide-eyed apprentice. With Moradin’s aid, King Silvervein produced the five Great Tools: the Brutal Pick, the Oerthheart Forge, the Anvil of Song, the Shaping Hammer and the Fierce Axe.

The Axe was the last and the greatest of The Great Tools as it was made using the other four. The First-King mined the ore and heated the metal in the Oerthheart Forge. He hammered the Axe upon the Anvil of Song with the Shaping Hammer. Once the work was done while the Axe still steamed from it’s final quenching, Moradin blew upon the cooling metal infusing it with divine power. With the Axe complete, Moradin revealed himself. As the First-King knelt before his God, Moradin taught Silvervein the secrets of the Axe. And then he departed.

For the remainder of his long, long life First-King Durin Silvervein carried the Fierce Axe with him wherever he went and there were none who could stand before him in battle. And none ever did.


First Age

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