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from: Man of the Cranes [11]

Re: [hawksdeath] hello

Ken said: “Yes, I do have a Web site, complete with photos: http://satyr9.tripod.com/ken/”

This website is a riot! Everyone should go and look at it. Very funny, my wife and I also visited Paris before we left Europe (actually it was a Valentine weekend – the old surprise-trip-to-Paris-and-propose-on-top-of-the-Eiffel-Tower trick – it never fails) and it was funny to read your own observations of the Parisians and London too.

So Ken is another New York native, it seems the Big Apple is the hotspot for our group – I count 3 of 12 players from there.

“Judy did attend many gaming sessions in the early months of our relationship, and she said she was amazed by the creativity of the people in the group. However, she’s never had the most confidence in her own creative skills, so she doesn’t think she could do it. I asked her a couple of times to give it a shot if she felt like it, but she politely declined for that same reason.”

My wife has never even had the privilege of watching me game at the table, she just wonders what it is I am doing for hours on end every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday on the computer, and occasionally wanders in when we are chatting on MSN and asks what languages that is!

“Nevertheless, I consider myself quite fortunate to have a wife who doesn’t object to (and occasionally even encourages) my gaming hobby, even when I travel to conventions and buy $40 gaming products.”

$40 at a convention? Oh, you mean in the first hour, right?





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