Rosie Bloodsword

The youngest daughter of the Bloodswords


Rosie Stone is five foot eight inches tall with fiery red shoulder length hair that is thickly braided and usually swept back from her face and kept in a chunky ponytail to the rear. Although she is muscular in build she still retains her feminine form and figure. Her left eyebrow is pierced with a small gold hoop and three small slash marks adorn the lower bottom side of her right cheek and continue down to the upper half of her neck.

Rosie hails from faraway lands and only arrived in Greyhawk City towards the end of last year. She has recently purchased the Fallen Mage Townhouse as a new home and place for her business: Rose’s Stonerie. The retired adventurer is a skilled jeweler and hopes to make a name for herself within the city as a renowned artisan and craftswoman.


Rosie Bloodsword

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