Human (Mixed), Female, Paladin of the Invincible Light


Laurana is a knight in the service of the war-god Heironeous. Laurana is one of the few to be chosen by Heironeous to take on the responsibility of being a Champion of the Invincible Light.

Laurana is only twenty-two years old. She is five feet and seven inches tall. Due to the training she has undertaken at the war academy her body is well toned and defined, her weight is at a reasonable level. Her hair is dark brown, with an attractive reddish hue and her skin tone is white, though her complexion dark, which does complement her appearance. She has green eyes and a warm featured face that looks friendly and approachable.

Typically accoutered in a suit of splint mail armor and a pair of good boots, with her trusted long sword at her hip. Her contingency weapons, the flail and morning star are always close to hand.

Her religious beliefs are evident as she wears the lightning bolt of Heironeous on her armor and around her neck. Laurana also wears an obscure pendant around her neck, which neither her nor anybody else seems to know anything about.



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