Kyrian Darkstar

Sorcerer of Greyhawk.



I’m not sure that I have Kyrian’s original character sheet. This version of Kyrian is a Third Edition character, so I must have converted this from Second Edition, probably when the 3e books first came out. I don’t remember doing it, really, though it was probably for the benefit of the Hawk’s Death play-by-email game.

I would build him differently if I were to create a 3.5/Pathfinder version today. Matthew, did you ever play with Kyrian in Third Edition? He’d be pretty bad ass, if you ask me.


This was Kyrian’s dungeon lair, far below the streets of Greyhawk City. The one-time lair of Zagyg the Mad. The last time I saw Kyrian he had been in his dungeon, he’d been hiding out for some time, stroking his Obelisk and consolidating his new-found powers – generally just basking in his game-breakingly super-elf magic powers…

…until the attack on Iuz. Kyrian true summons Michael, Mort and Mizaab out of the Soul Husks… is that the last time anyone heard from Kyrian? Did we fade to black when Michael was magicked away to the Vale, leaving Kyrian and Mort alone beneath GH City?



Kyrian Darkstar

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