Durin the Elf

An elf, actually two elves...


Your first character, Matthew… what year was this, do you reckon? Were we 1st Year Giles? Or 2nd? 1987? 1988? I wish I had a better memory.

Anyway, Durin sounds like a name we stole from Sword of Shannara.

Durin Lute came first, he was a justicar (some sort of bounty hunter?) who tracked down Kirigi and Amigi before running afoul of K-os’ revenge.

Durin Samri was second, he died in the red dragon’s lair.

I remember the first time you ever met a troll. It was a one-page encounter from the back of a Grenadier Miniatures catalogue. It was a hard battle, but you defeated the troll, but you just couldn’t figure out how to stop it from regenerating! Would that have been Durin?

It is such a treasured memory of mine; nowadays, we all take for granted that trolls appreciate fire, like a vampire appreciates garlic… … but at the end of the last century things weren’t so cliched…


Durin the Elf

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