Angriff Vardis

A mercenary and adventurer.


Angriff Vardis was born and raised in a boys home owned by a retired gnome adventurer just outside of the Free City of Verbobonc. The old gnome raised the boys as warriors and prepared them for a harsh life. It was in this home that Angriff met his childhood friend Bolan and together the boys became men.

When they were both 22, Bolan and Angriff decided to gather an adventuring company together and investigate the dark rumors coming out of Hommlet and the nearby hills. They first recruited their childhood friend Aril Witherwind, then local halflings Peripim and Ponto, before rounding out the group with a foreign noblewoman Leeahn Ironedge.

These young adventurers would begin the legendary campaign but Angriff would not see it through. Angriff Vardis was killed early in the campaign by an assassin in retaliation for sticking his nose where it ought not be stuck…

…Angriff was resurrected by the avatar of St. Cuthbert along with all the other heroes who had lost their lives in the Temple of Elemental Evil. Angriff wasted no time forming another group of mercenaries and along with his old friend Aril enjoyed many decades of success as a sellsword and adventurer-for-hire.

When his old bones could take it no longer Angriff retired comfortably on a small homestead in the Wild Coast. He never married but died an old man, many years later, surrounded by many friends and loyal comrades.


Angriff Vardis

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