The World of Llowellen Campaign has its roots firmly within my discontinued Greyhawk Campaign of fifteen years. Llowellen is the direct offspring of all those hours spent rolling dice in the years between 1985 and 2000 and the two years beyond that playing online in the Hawk’s Death Play-by-Email Campaign.

Our original Greyhawk Campaign is where I learned to be a DM. I have decided to collect my memories, my notes, and our old adventures here for posterity – and to invite the whole gang to do the same (to be fair, Matt made me do it).

Now that most of us are raising the second generation of Heroes and Villains the time has come to set the record straight on the old legends – before the new tales can begin… …so, don’t be shy, use the forum, use the comments, come back often and keep the memories flowing.


I thank you all: Dale, Matthew, Spike, Richard and Andy… the way I see it, we’re not yet wizened sages; we are grizzled veterans remembering past campaigns while sinking a few ales in The Thirsty Throat…


Hawk's Death

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