The Ravenloft Years


In mid-579 CY Bevelin, Bolan, Ponto and Rushlight thought it would be a good idea to follow Jehnna and Thoric through a one-way portal into the Shadows. The archdevil Dispater had returned, after 13 years, for a grudge match against the survivors of the Battle of the St. Joseph. Jehnna and Thoric had voluntarily entered Ravenloft to stand united with Malek; Dispater’s minion, the archpsioncist Mellenea, had made things personal for the younger adventurers.

Time passes differently in the Shadows, the evenings seem long and the nights longer. There is no exact science, but it seems 2 days pass in Ravenloft, more or less, for every day that passes on the World of Greyhawk, or the World of Llowellen, for that matter.



It was the year 735 in the Shadows… After a climactic battle against Dispater the archdevil was defeated and Malek’s land collapsed back into shadow. The survivors were lost in Mists, barely able to tell up from down or north from south.



The survivors wandered the Mists for many weeks but they eventually emerged into the Land of Gundarak, not far from Castle Hunadora. They were very quickly taken prisoner by loup-garou and taken to Duke Gundar. The Duke threw them into the dungeons for the next five months.

Eventually the Duke had a use for his prisoners. Another group of foreigners, led by the druid Karyll, were involved (whether they knew it, or not) to overthrow Harkon Lukas, the Lord of Kartakass. These adventurers were currently in southern Gundarak at Dr. Dominani’s hospital. Duke Gundar summoned the Mists to transport his inmates from their cells and into the Doctor’s asylum. Duke Gundar believed they would join with the others and strengthen their forces and his own plans.

Later in the year, Bevelin, Bolan, Malek, Rushlight and Ponto escaped from Ravenloft when Bolan murdered Karyl with the fang of the nosferatu. He did this at Malek’s insistence to complete the spell that would release them all from the Shadows. Malek’s plan worked, they escaped to Oerth, but only for a few days… …the Mists would not be denied their prize. It seemed almost as if they weren’t done yet, with Bolan and so in less than a week the Ravenloft refugees were once more, lost in the Mists.

The Mists pulled them back into Shadowborn Manor – a tiny realm, no bigger than a single manor house and gardens, ruled by the intelligent sword, Ebonbane. They quickly became embroiled in the battle between Ebonbane and the paladin-ghost, Lady Shadowborn – who also happened to be, Rushlight’s grandmother. That adventure ended with Shadowborn Manor collapsing into the Mists and everyone lost once again.





The Dark Keep. The asylum-home of Dr. Dominiani, a well-known physician in the land of Gundarak, who is really a vampire who drinks the cerebral fluid of his patients.


The Ravenloft Years

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