The End


A Life Out of Balance

“There are no happily ever afters in this lifetime – just fresh battles.”

-Jason Krimeah to Michael Torgrim (Midsummer, 586 CY)

Peace has broken out over the Flanaess. But it is a shaky and unstable peace. The balance is out of alignment. Evil stands astride the world, poised to deliver the fatal stroke. The Gods are watching closely indeed, for the actions of a few may make the difference for good or ill.

The forces of good and evil are both drained, but Iggwilv’s return to her son’s capital threatens to topple the delicate scales. The forces of good are scattered, isolated and desperately clinging to their once great stations. Now, must good folk from every corner of the Flanaess join in the fight against evil. The Balance must be restored. Evil must be checked long enough for the forces of good to rally.


585 CY

The Mercenaries’ Guild and every adventurer worth their salt for hundreds of miles waged a guerrilla war on the streets of Greyhawk City. Street by street, building by building the hellish monsters that Iggwilv has unleashed were hunted, banished and killed.


The Wizard’s Guild created a massive wall to contain the crater. The Wall was manned vigilantly by the Mercenary Guild. The Silver Dragon Inn and the Green Dragon Inn become armed camps, gathering places on the edge of the devastation for those Heroes brave enough to enter the crater and seek out the entrances into the Underhalls beneath.

The upper levels of the Underhalls were swiftly reclaimed and secured. Kyrian Darkstar (The One Sorcerer, as the mercenaries had taken to calling him) shut down the system of portals, teleporters and gates that had once been such a commonplace feature of Zagyg’s mad dungeon. No more would an endless stream of monsters be pulled into the Underhalls from afar. The enemy was now finite and the dungeons could be made safe – eventually, potentially.


If you go there today, you’ll see the River Quarter of Greyhawk City has became a boomtown for adventurers. At any given time several mercenary companies and adventuring parties might be plumbing their way into the depths. There is still much work to do here to make Greyhawk safe again, too many monsters yet lurk beneath the streets, too much loot remains unclaimed and not enough glory has yet been won.

The One Sorcerer is believed to remain in the deepest depths of all, but none know for certain. There have been rumors of an elvish spell-thief appearing from nowhere and rescuing lost adventurers before vanishing again. Are these rumors true? Who knows… mercenaries tell all sorts of tales… I heard, just the other day, that Rosie Bloodsword was exploring the Underhalls…




The End

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