Mort Pinder

If every D&D player has their moment of brilliance, Andy’s moment was Mort. A wild mage who, when his alignment was shifted suddenly and involuntarily towards Lawful, simply rolled with it and became a necromancer.

Mort was a one-time ally of Iuz who would eventually deal the final blow against the demigod after the paladin Michael Torgrim, fell. Mort is another character whose tale was never fully realized.

We cannot talk about Andy’s characters without remembering Peripim ‘Perry’ Furfoot. Perry was anything but a stereotypical halfling. He was the loudest, brashest, crudest, rudest priest of Sheela that anyone could ever hope to meet. Perry made his name in the Temple of Elemental Evil, but emerged battered and retired to raise a family.

One of the halfling’s crowning moments was standing toe-to-toe against the lich Shea Ohmsford, protected by Sheela’s blessings to the degree that although Perry couldn’t actually harm the lich, the lich was unable to hurt him in return. Perry’s end was tragic – once again adventuring with Michael Torgrim, chasing down slavers in the Pomarj – Perry was struck a crippling blow that almost cut the brave halfling in two.

Mort Pinder

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