A troll!


Ungt is a classic picture of a knuckle-dragger, his arms being almost as long as his body is tall, less his head. His hide is a mottled green, pebbly in texture, but surprisingly smooth. For clothing, all Ungt wears is a leather loincloth and belt, from which hang a couple of pouches. Draped over his torso is Ungt’s collection of dried hands, so many that they appear to be a grotesque tunic. His bony, angular face is set off by his fangs. His ears are large, even for a troll, and their pointy ends sort of flop over near the top. Ungt has huge feet with blunt, horny nails that could disembowel a bull with ease, yet they would carry him over the coarsest ground most quietly indeed. His hands are almost as large as his feet and equally dangerous for anyone on the wrong end of them.



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