Tuerny the Merciless

Half man, half scorpion, all sorcererous power of legend.


Tuerny’s goal is the reformation of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy, conquering and uniting the whole Flanaess. He has never made a secret of that fact, but it has only recently become known that Tuerny is allied with Iggwilv and Iuz. He intends to use their lands as the staging point for his own reconquest of the Great Kingdom.

Tuerny had been working as a double-agent, feigning loyalty to Kyrian, teaching him how to fully use the Obelisk of Greyhawk and secretly reporting back to Iuz, regarding Torgrim’s planned assault on the Soul Husks and revealing Zagyg’s lost secrets to Iggwilv.

Tuerny was even bold enough to aid the Balance in their efforts to recover the Rod of Law, so that it might be brought into the Soul Husks in a controlled fashion and Iuz had nothing to fear.


Tuerny the Merciless

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