Truehl Vanteris

Human (Oerid) Male, Priest of Zilchus


Truehl is a big man standing at six foot three and weighing one hundred and eighty-eight pounds. His hair is black and his eyes are gray. Truehl’s sideburns are grown down to meet a full, trimmed beard and mustache. He has a jagged scar under his chin, hidden mostly by his beard.

Truehl has a slightly haughty air about him and around strangers he is quiet often and observant.

Natives of the Free City of Greyhawk, the Vanteris household was built upon the foundation of Business. Not quite nobles, but also not lower class, they lived comfortably among the other hard-working merchants that carved out a rewarding existence among the many tens of thousands in the city on the Nyr Dyv.

Truehl trained from a young age as a priest, finding the calling at the passing of his mother.

Business was also the cornerstone of the Zilchus way, and it made perfect sense to Truehl from the start. Life was a contract, the currency in years of service. Rewards in the form of divine blessings were not rewards, they were payment for rendered effort.

Truehl helps maintain the shrine on Processional and Cross street. He performs services, does book-keeping and answers queries as they arise from the drop-in faithful.


Truehl Vanteris

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