Topias Winterglade

An herbalist


A very large man, six foot eight inches tall and two hundred and fifty pounds, Topias is also an extremely loud person whose easy manner, open friendliness and aggressive happiness endears him quickly to others. His normal voice can be heard clearly across a noisy taproom, and his raised voice booms like thunder. Topias’ green eyes are often alight with a merry twinkle.

The balding man usually dresses in a hooded brown robe, black shirt and pants of a fine make, wrapping a silk sash around his fat stomach. He carries various weapons, but his favorite combination for melee is his trusty frying pan complemented by a razor-sharp sickle.

One of his more irritating points is his habit of singing: he has an impressive basso voice but simply can’t keep the tune. But that doesn’t stop Topias: he simply substitutes his lack of talent by singing loudly, and in his case that is loudly indeed. When he’s at full blow, cats run for their lives, small items tremble on their shelves, glass cracks and normally gentle people reach for their weapons.

For the last five years Topias has traveled around the world as a humble maker of cures and potions, visiting his home of Greyhawk City only a few times. But now, for the first time since his father’s funeral two years ago (he was kicked in the head whilst milking a cow) he is returning home to visit with his family.


Topias Winterglade

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