Tauren Borosh

Human (Flan) Male, Retired CIty Watch Lieutenant


Tauren is a tall, dark warrior; his Flannish ancestry clearly apparent in his bearded face. His bronze skin stretches over thick muscles and his deep brown eyes miss little. Despite his intimidating look and straight-forward approach, Tauren is kind and fair and quick to smile. He is a loyal and trusting friend to all who know him.

Though still a few years from thirty years old, he has managed to make quite a name for himself in the City of Greyhawk. The city has been home to Tauren and his family for several generations.

Traditionally furriers by trade, Tauren elected to go a different route – joining the militia and later the City Watch where he rose to the rank of lieutenant. Government bureaucracy eventually got the better of him however, and he opted for early retirement, joining the Gladiators Guild to feed his thirst for combat and competition.

Even though he is now retired, he keeps a watchful eye on the city and maintains his contacts within the militia and the City Watch. The Free City of Greyhawk is his home, its people are his children and he will defend them unto death.


Tauren Borosh

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