Man of the Cranes

A Child of Johydee, hippy-bard and old, old man.


Who is the Man of the Cranes?

He is Ustnar.

He is Donal.

He is Bolan.

He is a vampire, thousands of years old.


“Who was the Man of the Cranes?” Donal fucking hated riddles more than even sunlight and garlic.

“He was one who was saved. He was possessed by the dark side of chaos, many, many years ago. He was a vampire, as you are now, for many millenia. But he was released by a far greater force than that of chaos, like the one beyond the sea of souls – but infinitely more powerful. And that is who I now serve. Johydee.”

“Who am I?” Donal asked.

“You are he who should try to become him, to follow in his stead.”

Man of the Cranes

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