Jhaax Doldruin

Retired ranger, barman.


APPEARANCE: Jhaax stands a little less than six feet tall and his rugged appearance speaks volumes of a life spent happily outdoors. Although his shoulders are broad, his frame is slender and his build light. His tightly corded muscular frame is easily hidden beneath his clothing. Jhaax is clean shaven, tanned a deep and dark brown and wears his thick black hair loose to his shoulders. He appears to be in his mid to late forties. His left hand is missing, his wrist ending in a stump.

PERSONALITY: Jhaax is a quiet man, not given to voicing his opinions, but he is a good listener and he is passionate about the environment and his religion. He is a patient man, slow to anger and tolerant of most cultures and species. Steadfastly courageous and unselfishly loyal, Jhaax deeply misses his carefree life in the wild, were it not for his newfound love and the friends he has made, he would leave Greyhawk City in a flash. As it is he contents himself with a 3-day weekend spent hunting and camping in the Gnarley Forest or the Cairn Hills at least twice a month.

BACKGROUND: Born in the Vesve Forest in the winter of 532 CY, Jhaax grew up in a small village of humans and elves, learning his trade as a woodsman and ranger from his Aunt. By the age of twenty, Jhaax had traveled the length and breadth of the Vesve, explored much of the lawless lands to the east, the lands of the great Wolf Nomads to the north and the Perrenland.

Jhaax was present in Exag in 551 CY when a chaotic band of adventurers under the leadership of K-os Bloodsword coerced a tribe of stone giants into faking an attack on the town in order to further increase their own notoriety. It was, in part, thanks to Jhaax’s already intensive knowledge of the ways of giants that the deception failed.

In 555 CY, Jhaax’s aunt was stricken with a debilitating illness and forced to return home and retire. Jhaax struck out on his own, earning a living as a hunter, guide, tracker or archer.

In 557 CY he met the young archmage Mordenkainen whilst wintering in Highfolk. The two became fast friends and spent the next three years adventuring together in the Yatils. Their adventuring company soon became a powerful force in the Yatil Mountains and the Vesve region, and together the group eventually established a stronghold within a keep, hidden deep in the mountains. After Mordenkainen retired from active adventuring to found the Circle of Eight, Jhaax continued to aid the wizard on occasional missions when his skills were needed. But the taciturn ranger began to drift further south and east each year in his travels before eventually arriving in the Domain of Greyhawk.

Jhaax was with the Circle of Eight as they earned fortune and fame braving the depths beneath Castle Greyhawk and the nearby city. The adventurers were able to tame the dungeons – for a time, at least – but they were never able to stop the monsters returning to the depths. Eventually the Circle left on other business and Jhaax, too, wandered footloose into the world once more.

For the next decade or so, Jhaax wandered much of the Flanaess, often alone, sometimes in the company of other adventurers, always fighting to protect the wilderness he so loved. Jhaax found himself south of the Lortmil Mountains when the Great War broke across the world. He spent the first of those troubled years fighting the rising forces of the Pomarj. It was during a raid upon an orc tower in the Drachensgrabs that Jhaax lost his left hand in a deadly combat with an orcish chieftain. Jhaax slew the orc and the tower was taken, but Jhaax was devastated – no longer could he wield his beloved bow or his greatsword.

For a time, Jhaax fell into a depression and once more set off alone. He wandered the Pomarj and the Wild Coast during the second half of the War and eventually arrived once more at the gates of Greyhawk City.

RECENT HISTORY: Finding himself back in Greyhawk City, Jhaax stayed with Fists, an old companion. Fists had once been the primary fighter for the Circle of Eight, nowadays he ran a tavern called The Thirsty Throat. The tavern sat above a major entrance into the now forgotten-depths beneath the streets. Mordenkainen had given Fists the inn and with it the duty of watching over the depths. Powerful magicks had been worked by a secret cabal of mages beneath the streets to enchant the population into forgeting the extent of the Mad Mage’s dungeons. Most believed that they lay only beneath the ruins of Castle Greyhawk. Fists, together with another of the old companions, halfling deep ranger Pontus, would keep a vigilant watch over the old dungeons.

Jhaax had only intended to stay with his friend for a short time, but fate had other plans. Jhaax fell suddenly, unexpectedly and irretrievably in love with Fists’ daughter, Tamsil. She was a barmaid in the tavern where Jhaax was earning his keep. But the ranger was more than three times her age and was mortally afraid of how her possessive and protective father might react. So Jhaax and Tamsil began a secret love affair while Jhaax struggled to find a way to broach the subject with Fists.

One night, now infamous in local River Quarter legends, a group of drunken locals made the grave mistake of taunting their barkeep (“Oi, Lefty, more drinks all round!”). It was never a good idea to misbehave in The Thirsty Throat, and that night Jhaax’s rare, but formidable, temper was loosed and those fools were never seen again… …at least not in the daylight, someone might have seen them wandering hungover and lost in Depths Below…

Jhaax eventually settled upon a plan. He would bravely ask Kyrian Darkstar to act as a go-between and come clean with Fists. But he never got the chance. In 583 CY Iggwilv burst from the Depths below, destroying The Thirsty Throat utterly – and much of the neighborhood! Fists was lost in the battle to drive off the Witch-Queen, he was last seen falling through an abyssal gate. Jhaax was devastated at the loss of his friend, but he took it upon himself to care for Tamsil and her two younger brothers.

CURRENT (585 CY): Jhaax, now 52, lives in a rented burrow on the edges of Burrow Heights with his 18 year old bride and her twin brothers Harel and Tymos (15) close to the destruction that was centered upon the River Quarter. Jhaax is making a living aiding Derider Fanshen in the defense of the city from the now exposed depths – sometimes aiding adventuring parties in their forays below, but often scouting and mapping portions of the dungeons alone.

After Iggwilv’s attack on the city, the destruction caused by her demonic forces and the raging fire Jhaax has been giving serious consideration to pulling up stakes and moving his family out west into the Gnarley Forest and staying there.

ROLEPLAYING NOTES: Jhaax is a pure Flan and both his heritage and his religion are deeply important to him. The Flan believe that a person’s character is defined by their season of birth. Jhaax was born in the Far Winter, making him a “child of the stone”, which symbolizes the ground underfoot hidden all year long, but now exposed finally at the close of winter, yet frozen still. In keeping with this belief, Jhaax wears an amulet around his neck; the amulet, a tiny and sealed pottery jar contains several small stones collected by his father and sealed in place by his mother at the time of his birth. It would be considered extreme bad luck if this amulet were ever to be broken or lost, and it could only ever be replaced at his birthplace.

A further consequence of this belief is that Jhaax must always make a token offering (even if only a prayer) at any menhir, dolmen, standing stone or stone ring he comes across. He may also never wear any other form of stone, crystal, quartz or glass jewelry.

Strongly tied to nature, Jhaax is common among the Flan people in his belief that nature is to be respected but not controlled. Although he now finds himself currently living in the great metropolis of Greyhawk City, Jhaax has still observed the Flan custom of planting a tree near the door to his burrow and he believes that the health of that tree is related to the wellbeing of his family.

Jhaax has the green disk of Beory tattooed on his chest and often when in the wild, he observes the ancient Flan tradition of body painting.`




Jhaax Doldruin

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