Chattan Bridix

Human (Oerid), Priest of Joramy


Chattan Bridix is a solidly built man in his mid-twenties with honey-blond hair, brown eyes and olive skin. His face is lean and smooth, with a strong jaw line and prominent chin. He tends to lean forward as speaks, with an anticipatory gleam of delight in his eyes.

His typical traveling garb consists of scale mail armor, largely covered by a long, red-orange cloak which is fastened by a clasp displaying the holy symbol of Joramy (an erupting volcano). Brown leather gloves cover his hands which hold his quarterstaff.

Chattan relishes a philosophical challenge, even if he doesn’t always possess the knowledge to support his arguments or opinions.

Chattan recently arrived in the Free City to represent his Church’s interests and spread the word of Joramy.


Chattan Bridix

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