Aril Witherwind

A storyteller and historian.






Aril Witherwind was born and raised in Hommlet. He was the first adventurer to join Angriff‘s company that would begin the campaign against the Temple of Elemental Evil. Aril was killed early in the adventure but returned to life many months later when St. Cuthbert’s avatar resurrected all those heroes who had fallen in the Temple.

Aril and Angriff would go on to have a successful career as mercenaries and adventurers in the central Flanaess region for decades. Eventually Angriff was forced to retire from active adventuring, Aril also retired despite the relative youth his half-elven blood provided. In his ‘retirement’ Aril composed the definitive History of the Temple of Elemental Evil and wrote an extensive biography of Sword-Knight Michael Torgrim. While he lost touch with Bolan, Bevelin and Ponto, Aril remained lifelong friends with Perry and would visit with him often in their later years.

In 678 CY, an aging Aril Witherwind returned to Hommlet for the Centennial Celebration of victory in the Temple of Elemental Evil. 100 years had passed and few veterans of that legendary campaign remain alive but those who did also attended…


Aril Witherwind

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