Arelle Eyreleir

Half-elf, female, bard.


Arelle was born and raised in the Domain of Greyhawk and has spent as many years wandering the central Flanaess as she has enjoying the delights offered by the great metropolis Greyhawk City. Whether at home with her mentor or away traveling the lands, the bard collects and shares tales and song with a passion she cannot quench.

The young half-elf has mousy brown hair naturally streaked with many different shades, she wears her hair unbound and shoulder length. Her mother’s elven heritage is evident in the slight lengthening of her ears and in the almond shape of her eyes. But her eyes are the color of the father she never knew: a light steel gray.

Arelle’s upper arms are tattooed. The right with a small wolf howling at the moon, the left with an unusual design intertwined whips. Arelle wears a small steel ball in her pierced navel, another through her tongue and several more in each ear.

Arelle’s prized mandolin and harp are never far from her side.


Arelle Eyreleir

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