Hawk's Death

Turn 0.1 Campaign Background

Hawks Death.

The year is 585CY and an unsteady peace has descended upon the Flanaess. For three bloody years, the whole of the Flanaess flew banners of war. Nations fell as new empires were born. Demons and devils from the dread planes were bound into service by the foul demigod Iuz and the crazed Ivid V, and hundreds of thousands of mortals died. Finally, the battle-weary combatants gathered in the Free City of Greyhawk to declare peace. Last year the month of Harvester saw the signing of the Pact of Greyhawk, fixing borders and mandating an end to hostilities.

And so peace broke out over the Flanaess. But it was a shaky and unsteady peace. The balance is out of alignment. Evil stands astride the Flanaess poised to deliver the fatal stroke. The gods are watching closely for the actions of a few may make the difference for good or for ill.

Iuz, thought to have been slain in the final weeks of the war has returned to his lands. He is greatly weakened, many believe that he is no longer a god, but whatever the truth he is once again supported by his mother, Iggwilv.

The powerful necromancer returned to Oerth in 583CY, bursting from beneath the streets of Greyhawk City. Long forgotten dwarven dungeons connecting with the infamous ruins of Castle Greyhawk were exposed directly beneath the homes of the Free City. Iggwilv did not return alone, and she did not return quietly. She led a tide of demon spawn into the streets, and the battle to defeat her left much of the River Quarter in ruins. The famous Great Library of Greyhawk was reduced to rubble.

The defenders of the city fought valiantly: warriors, priests, the guilds, wizards from the University and the Circle of Eight all banded together in their time of need and Iggwilv while not killed was driven off.

And then at the very end of the war, just four months ago, tragedy struck again. On the Day of the Great Signing, Rary, a senior member of the Circle of Eight betrayed his companions, shattering the circle by death and treachery. Again the people suffered as much of the Old City was devastated by fire.

Now it is a new year, 585CY, the so-called ‘Year of Peace’ and with the festive events of Needfest behind them the people are looking to rebuild their future. But the fate of the city hangs on a knife-edge. The flood of refugees into the region brings the threat of racial tension, poverty and crime. The champion of the people Michael Torgrim has disappeared, and many fear him to be dead.

The dwarven catacombs beneath the city spew forth creatures of evil nightly and a subterranean war is already being waged. The health of Lord-Mayor Gasgal is in question and it is widely known that the cambion Iuz, seeks a terrible revenge on the city.

The forces of good are scattered, isolated and desperately clinging to their once great stations. Now, must the good folk from every corner of the Flanaess join in the fight against evil. The balance must be restored. Evil must be checked long enough for the forces of good to recover.



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