Hawk's Death

from: Man of the Cranes [4]

Re: [hawksdeath] hello

Well we are all here now, apologies to those I didn’t get around to actually asking but – hey – we’re all friends right?

I was harassing a few of you earlier via IM about the photos – how come everyone went shy all of a sudden? I have my ugly mug up here several times for you all to fire poisoned arrows at, and my bio is on the website. I want to see some group bonding…

If not photos to share, does anyone here have any websites of their own? Luis was showing me his earlier, dedicated to his newly arrived and handsome little man.

How about some more cheesy, ‘get to know you’ questions where we all state ASL and harp on about our roleplaying experiences?

Does anyone’s spouse roleplay? I am trying to figure out a way in which to involve my wife. I could get away with so much more if she just UNDERSTOOD! Actually she is extremely understanding, but still, it would be cool to tabletop with her, I can find no-one else.

Roleplaying is sort of like smoking – if you don’t pick it up as a kid, you are not likely to start later in life.




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