Hawk's Death

from: Man of the Cranes [12]

Re: [hawksdeath] hello

Fran: “About photos: Like I said on MSN, I’m much to humane to subject all of you to my ugly mug. I’ll use the scanner excuse later.”

Jason: “Ditto.”


Jason: “I’m an American mutt, living in beautiful Castle Rock, Colorado.”

I couldn’t find it on the map, but I reckon that must make you geographically closest to me Jason. Laramie is close to the state line with Colorado and although I have seen nothing of Denver except for the airport and nothing much of Colorado except for I-25 north we are planning a trip to Estes Park at some time in the future (I’m a Stephen King fan, I want to see the ‘Shining’ Hotel). We do get to Walden, Colorado often though as my wife has family there, but I am not sure if that one-horse little town counts. It is a good place to get drunk and lost in the mountains though.

“Dragon: (Approaches HOB without crossing line. Swallow’s hole HOB (head does cross line). Uses Breath weapon while HOB is still in its mouth) Party: “AIIIEEE…. Run for it!”

LMAO! Very nice! And I felt bad for throwing my players Halfling Cleric into a 4’ deep pool of refuse and feces."

Should I be taking notes? If this is how you guys treat your players…




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