Hawk's Death

from: Kuje [5]

Re: [hawksdeath] hello

Hmmm well I don’t have much to say here…

I’ve been a gamer for hmm about 6 yr’s now or so. Mostly growing up I got hooked on Realms books (yeah yeah. lotta people hate the realms.) at that time I didn’t know that they were based on a rpg. The books were just good reads. Also was reading the dragonlance books at that time also. However, I finally figured out that there was a hobby store near me and I stopped in once and my addiction to rpg stuff was born.

I some times am a DM and also a player (some times prefer dm’ing :)) but so far Ian’s game seems interesting. I have a 2nd edit games on the weekend right now and none of us really are interested in starting a 3rd edit game with that group. hehe guess we are all heretics who don’t like a lot of the new rules.

Otherwise I live at home, yeah at 25 yr’s old I still do, but it’s cause of health problems and to many operations over the past 10 yr’s or so….. and not being able to work full time can be a real pain in the ass but ah well not that big of deal I guess…. Oh also I’m also a NY’er but upstate in here old Rochester.

Welp that’s all for now,




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