Hawk's Death

from: Kuje [4]

Many replies.

Well, that’s a lot of Emails to reply to, so I’ll just go from memory and reply as best I can.

First, I’m back online again… yet, burning two hard drives in a year is simply excessive… I’ll have to double check my PC’s power supply and change the power supressor, I think. I’ll also consider adding a few extra heatsinks.

So… about quoting: When ever I reply as Keiran, I’ll generously edit the previous post (read copy/cut/paste), quoting exactly where Keiran is coming from. I feel this leaves less space for errors.

Focus on: Keiran’s had his focus week allready, and since I’m not above using a good idea from someone else, I did something similar in my own PnP campaign. Turned out rather well. (BTW, someone noted that they’ve seen both my char’s name spelled both Keiran and Kieran in various posts and along book 4. It’s spelled, K-EI-RAN. If you see me spell it otherwise, it’s a

About photos: Like I said on MSN, I’m much to humane to subject all of you to my ugly mug. I’ll use the scanner excuse later.

About me: Well, for those who don’t know me, I’m Francisco. Venezuelan and 24years old. Computer Science student (less than one semester away from my degree). I have a part time job translating to/from English/Spanish, the money of which I calously spend in the movies. And I’m happily single, thank you very much.

From a gaming POV, I’ve ran a PnP, D&D campaign on Sundays for a bit over two years now. Players are reaching the high teens now and feel confident enough on taking on their first dragon and surviving to tell about it.

Memorable moment from this campaign:

Party: “AIIIEEE… green dragon, run for it” (party runs for it!)

Half Orc Barbarian: “I’m tired of running whenever we meet something moderately challenging!”(Walks towards the lake’s shore, draws a line in the sand)

HOB: “You! Dragon! I challenge you to cross this line… I DARE YOU!”

Party: (Stops to see what happens)

Dragon: (Approaches HOB without crossing line. Swallow’s hole HOB (head does cross line). Uses Breath weapon while HOB is still in its mouth)

Party: “AIIIEEE…. Run for it!”



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