Hawk's Death

from: Jason B. [3]

Ty's Player Jason

My name is also Jason. I live in Iowa and also work for a major retirement company. I am starting on my mba. Have a house and a houseboat for the summer (nothing special), more of a party barge. I am still single thus the reason for the houseboat. Women love houseboats…

I just got back this last night from taking a week off of work to help my brother and father get the crops in, but because of the rain/snow I will probably go back this weekend.

Jason from Colorado I have an old college roommate who lives in the Black Forest near you. I see him every year when a bunch of us get together to go skiing. Actually, they go skiing, I sit in the lodge drinking irish coffee in the mornings and whiskey sevens. I am not a fan of purposely falling down a mountain even if you can do it with style.

I have been playing D&D for about 16 or 17 years. I have never DM. I play mostly by email as most work/school/social schedule does not allow a set time every week to play a tabletop game. I do not have a favorite event yet in the game, because I haven’t been here long enough.



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