Hawk's Death

from: Jason PB

Re: [hawksdeath] Many replies.

“Well, that’s a lot of Emails to reply to, so I’ll just go from memory and reply as best I can.”

And I will abuse all of your hard work by replying to your reply.

“First, I’m back online again… yet, burning two hard drives in a year is simply excessive… I’ll have to double check my PC’s power supply and change the power suppressor, I think. I’ll also consider adding a few extra heatsinks.”

Gagga booha hiyts ug tanda. [Read: I know nothing other than how to turn it on.]

“So… about quoting: When ever I reply as Keiran, I’ll generously edit the previous post (read copy/cut/paste), quoting exactly where Keiran is coming from. I feel this leaves less space for errors.”

I generally try and modify the other players posts discretely so as to make my character look better in the end summary. ;)

“About photos: Like I said on MSN, I’m much to humane to subject all of you to my ugly mug. I’ll use the scanner excuse later.”

Ditto. Still looking for a good representational pic for my PC though.

“About me: Well, for those who don’t know me, I’m Francisco. Venezuelan and 24 years old. Computer Science student (less than one semester away from my degree). I have a part time job translating to/from English/Spanish, the money of which I callously spend in the movies. And I’m happily single, thank you very much.”

I’m an American mutt, living in beautiful Castle Rock, Colorado. I work at a retirement company and go to school by night. I have a beautiful wife who “doesn’t get rpg’s” but let’s me play anyway and two wonderful kids.

“From a gaming POV, I’ve ran a PnP, D&D campaign on Sundays for a bit over two years now. Players are reaching the high teen now and feel confident enough on taking on their first dragon and surviving to tell about it.”

I don’t think you can put ‘confident players’ and ‘Dragon’ in the same sentence.

“Memorable moment from this campaign…”

LMAO! Very nice! And I felt bad for throwing my player’s Halfling Cleric into a 4’ deep pool of refuse and feces.




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